Supply Chain Management & Warehouse Management System

State of the art facility.

Cold Chain Integrity is the largest certified full-service cold storage facility in the Tri-State, providing “best-in-class” cold chain management protocols, processes, and practices for the Food, Flavoring, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Certifications & Accreditations

Supply Chain Management & Warehouse Management System

Cold Chain Integrity utilizes Infor’s best-in-class SCM Warehouse Management System, which enables end-to-end fulfillment from order inception to order shipping, making it possible to fulfill the promise of the perfect order. CCI customers can access inventory information and events via their web browser for real time visibility of order status, shipments and inventory availability. Through secure access, customers can view and generate reports on orders, inventory, and transactional data across multiple locations to support planning and decision-making.

CCI continues to invest in supply chain systems upgrades and enhancements, including tools for event management. This can greatly reduce the need for safety inventory often required due to traditional information gaps, yet still assures exceptional order fill rates. CCI customers can then manage by exception, with notification via pager, fax, or email when go/no go parameters are triggered, such as order acknowledgments, back order situations, order shipments or delays.