Comprehensive storage and handling services.

We have a variety of storage options to offer including Conventional Public Cold Storage, Order Pick Distribution, Import/Export, and Temperature-Controlled Repack — maintaining your temperature, from production to store shelf.

Storage and handling options we can offer you.

  • 24/6 Shipping and Receiving
  • Multi-Temperature Convertible Rooms
    (from –25° to +55 °F)
  • Ambient (Dry)
  • Hazmat (Ambient & Refrigerated)
  • Room Freezing, Blast Freezing and Tempering
  • 210,000 Square Feet
  • 27,500 Racked Pallet Positions
  • 32 Loading Dock Doors
  • 35,000 Square Feet of Refrigerated Dock Space

Besides Rainbow Pallets, we also offer:

  • Modular Pallets
  • Deep Frozen Consolidation Program
  • Repacking
  • Labeling/Stamping
  • Cross-Docking/Transloading
  • Slipsheet and Container Loading and Unloading
  • Import/Export: USDA On-Site Inspector available, documentation and certification