Leading Transportation Services

United Dairy Farmers Transit, Inc. (UDFT) is our company owned and operated refrigerated trucking fleet. From your production facility, to storage at CCI, to the store shelf – we meet all of your transport needs. Our centrally located terminals in Erlanger, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Detroit, MI are within a day’s drive of most of the Midwest.

Services Dedicated Fleet

Since 1999, United Dairy Farmers Transit has provided customized transportation solutions and services. Our objective is to act as an extension of our customers’ businesses, providing efficient, effective transportation solutions to solve specific needs.

We provide dedicated equipment, skilled drivers and technology, as well as a host of fleet management services. Another option is for you to have the sole and exclusive use of UDFT’s equipment and driver(s) on a full-time basis. We supply the equipment and drivers dedicated to your company, while you control and direct usage within normal guidelines.

Benefits of Using UDFT Dedicated
  • Consistent, superior customer service
  • Excellent on-time delivery performance
  • Flexible capacity
  • No fleet-related capital commitment
  • Late model equipment
  • Trained, professional drivers

UDFT Transport Shuttle Services

Cold Chain Integrity, through United Dairy Farmers Transit, offers shuttle service from manufacturing locations to our warehouses. UDFT provides all equipment and drivers to ensure the shuttle of your product to our facility moves in a secure, reliable, cost effective manner. We offer highly competitive pricing along with the ease of administration, as you only need to deal with one partner for both your transportation and warehousing needs.

UDFT offers customized shuttles from production facilities to our warehouse and vice versa. We shuttle raw materials for production and return with finished goods for distribution. Our shuttle division operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Frozen Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD)

CCI is the largest full-service frozen Direct-Store-Delivery network in the Midwest. We service over 3,500 grocery stores in seven states, providing full or modified DSD services to convenience stores, multiple Kroger Marketing Areas, Midwest Wal-Mart Super Centers, Meijer’s, and numerous other mid-sized and small chains.

Protective Service Truckload &
Less-than Truckload Services

United Dairy Farmers Transit provides regional truckload and less than truckload services throughout the Midwest. Call us today (800-447-1535) for a rate quote.